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2024-01-17 11:45:30

How Make My Report helps you to build a form easily?
Make My Report is a web-based tool for creating & compile dynamic reports. It can import data from multiple sources per the business requirement by connecting to their desired offices, contacts, and partners in a web-based environment. It can be integrated with the organization's existing intranet to streamline its reporting structure. MakeMyReport helps you to build forms quickly. Because you can Choose from 100 plus existing predesigned templates. Create a requisite format for seeking information/data as an admin. Connect all the branch offices or multiple contacts. See whether the assigned contacts filled out the response or not. Generate Consolidated report. Protect your internal communication data. See the defaulters on report submission, as they are automatically flagged. Access grass-root level information in the organization. Use the mobile application for easy access. Integrate with any existing system.