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How Make My Report is used by our Clients successfully.

SCTE&VT, Govt of Odisha

  1. State Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (SCTE&VT), using it since 2018.
  2. 157 Diploma & 657 ITI institutes are the users.
  3. More than 50,000 transactions has been made successfully.
  4. Some of the key reports generated are as follows:
    • Faculty Details report for all Polytechnics and engineering Schools.
    • Status report of Biometric devices of Engineering schools & Polytechnics.
    • Status report on Discrepancy on Diploma examination Answer Book.
    • Employees Information of ITIs under SCTEVT Odisha.
    • Report for collection of Master Data for Online Question Delivery.
    • Report on Faculty Interested for Faculty Development Program.
    • Report for flying Squad.
    • Status report on online exam Centre of ITI.
    • Application for Affiliation of Polytechnics & Engineering Schools.
    • Report on Grading of Polytechnics.

Commercial Tax Department, Govt of Odisha

Since 2020 Make My Report is running successfully at Commercial Tax Department of Odisha and about 358 no. of users are using it.

Commercial Tax Department collects data from their own Departments, Circles(4), Ranges(12) and Contact in field.

Some of the Key Reports generated in this System are as follows :-

  • C – Form Verification Report.
  • MPR1: e-Waybill and 3B mismatch.
  • MPR of GST activities, Annexure-A, Survey of unregistered Taxpayers.
  • MPR of GST Activities, Annexure-B, Post Registration Enquiry.
  • MPR of GST Activities, Annexure C, Scrutiny of Returns (Rs in Lakh).
  • MPR of GST Activities, Annexure-D, Action against Non Filers.
  • No of registration cancelled, Annexure-E, Review of Action taken against Fake Invoice Recipients.
  • MPR of GST Activities, Annexure-F, Amount of demand outstanding in DRC -07

Directorate of Fisheries, Govt of Odisha

Directorate of Fisheries :: Govt of Odisha collects many data and reports related to Fisheries from 30 different districts i.e. DFOs (Inland), Marine etc., in monthly, quarterly and fortnightly manner.

  • Information Target for Brackish water Pond development 2023-24 (CS Scheme-PMMSY).
  • Target-Motorization of Traditional Craft for FY 2023-24.
  • Input Assistance to WSHGs for Practicing Pisciculture in GP Tanks during 2022-23 (State Plan).
  • Matsya Pokhari Yojana 2022-23 ( Area in Ha/ Amt. in lakh).
  • Target under Macha Chaasa Pain Nua Pokhari Khola Yojana (MPY) for the year 2023-24( in Ha).
  • Report On Mahanadi River Based Pfcs.
  • Status of fingerling stocking under SPPIF -(2022-2023).

Directorate of Animal Husbandary & Veterinary Service, Govt of Odisha

Directorate of Animal Husbandary & Veterinary Service :: Govt of Odisha collects many data and reports related to animals from different districts and blocks i.e. CDVOs, FSB, Poultry Farm, ADRI, BBRBM, SA FARM etc., in monthly, quarterly and fortnightly manner.

  • Information on MVU.
  • Monthly progress report on poultry & duck farm.
  • Progress report on minikits.
  • Monthly progress report on treatment, castration.
  • Progressive Performance Report for the State plan scheme Strengthening of MVU
  • CSF-CP Vaccination report.
  • MPR on milk.
  • Breedwise AI report done.

Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water Department

Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water Department :: Govt of Odisha The Government of Odisha have been pleased to modify the earlier “Ama Gaon Ama Bikash” by giving it a new dimension in the form of “Ama Odisha Nabin Odisha”, Around 90650+ Total Project Received, where it collects many data related to the projects from different District, Block, Grampanchayat, Village in daily, monthly, quarterly and fortnightly manner.

  • Construction of Addl classroom at Sunapur upper primary school.
  • Purchase of Sports materials for youth of Ranimunda G.P.
  • Preservation and protection of worship place & Dev. Of Pilgrim amnities of Jagannath community Center Kirtanmandali at Nadigaon.
  • Periphery and Pilgrim Amenities development of Chandi Mandir at Mahulpadar.
  • Restoration of Gramya Thakurani Mandir at Mahulpda.
  • Improvement of digital access in terms of Mobile Connetivity, optical fiber connectivity , wi-fi and internet connectivity GP office & other accessories at Nuamalpada GP.
  • Improvement of Playground at Sardhapur
  • Purchase of sport materials for youth for grampanchayat.
  • Development of Ganesh Mandapa at Pradhansahi Kalla.
  • And many more…

Odisha High Court

Statistical section of Inspection wing Odisha High Court is using Make My Report to create all the reports in their customized format from 30 different district courts or data related to govt. of India, supreme court etc., in monthly, quarterly and fortnightly manner and they receive more than 500+ responses per report in few minutes.

  • Information relating to cases / suits made ready for trial in different courts with original jurisdiction.
  • Monthly Supreme Court server data Institution, disposal and Pendency of Civil and Criminal cases.
  • Quarterly Court wise pendency of all Courts of the State.
  • Statistical Figure relating to VIGILANCE & CBI Courts.
  • Institution, Disposal and Pendency of cases (both Civil & Criminal) in different Gram Nyayalayas of the State.
  • And many more…