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Connect data from MMR to Looker Studio with a couple of clicks.

Looker Studio is a free business intelligence and data visualization tool offered by Google. It allows users to create interactive and customizable reports and dashboards by connecting to various data sources.

Here are some key features and aspects of Looker Studio:

Data Connectivity, Drag-and-Drop Interface, Data Visualization, Interactivity, Real-time Collaboration, Sharing and Publishing, Free Access.

Make My Report contains a ton of data that needs to be analyzed or visualized for deeper analytics. With Looker Studio, you can explore big data, measure important metrics, and create visual reports or dashboards for reporting purposes.

Looker Studio is a self-service platform that you can use to visualize MMR data however you like.

Benefits of automating MMR to Looker Studio

  •  Faster data integration
  •  Real-time data analytics
  •  Stress-free reporting

Here are general steps for integrating Looker studio

  1. Identify the Form Maker:
    • Determine the form maker you are using (e.g., Make My Report).
  2. Data Storage:
    • Configure the form to store submitted data in a data repository. This could be a spreadsheet, database, or other storage solution depending on the capabilities of the form maker.
  3. Looker Connection:
    • Use Looker to connect to the data source where your form data is stored. Looker supports various data connectors, and you may need to set up a connection specific to your data source.
  4. Modeling in Looker:
    • Model your data within Looker to define relationships, dimensions, and measures. This step is crucial for creating meaningful reports and visualizations.
  5. Explore and Visualize:
    • Once your data is modeled, use Looker's interface to explore and visualize the data. Looker offers a range of visualization options to help you create interactive and insightful dashboards.
  6. Embedding (if needed):
    • If you want to embed Looker visualizations or dashboards in other applications or websites, Looker provides embedding options.