What is Makemyreport.Com

This is a quick & easy tool for create & compilation of reports, which import data from multiple sources as by your business requirement. You can add your contact, create desired report format as per the requirement. Then you can select your contact and assign the report format from which the data to be received.

Now all your contacts will be able to log in by the assigned user id & password or they can also login through their Gmail account. The contacts will fill up the assigned report format and data will be compiled at your level.

Why shall I join?

Almost every Organization or individual faces challenge in gathering data from its own or subordinate offices or associates within a stipulated timeline. Some information are gathered through the existing software ,while many has to be collected through e-mails & fax, followed by compilation & re-presentation of those content. Makemyreport.Com intends to be the single stop solution for such needs. This web based system will bring in an electronic environment and will connect all your sub-ordinate office or contacts through this e-report intranet network.

It becomes a cumbersome process of gathering data from multiple quarters and compiling all of them in single spreadsheet. This will be followed by spell check, report compilation and may be generating graphical representation. Gathering the data from over 50 contacts in to one single spreadsheet may takes weeks & month. Moreover such contents are also required for future reference & analytics.

Benefits of Join

  • Easy to use- It allows their user to keep their hands on the choice of different types of report formatting.
  • Accessible from anywhere- It can be accessed from any computer using just a browser & internet connection.
  • Unique data management platform- Controlling information is essential in helping an organization to make the correct decisions. However, even if the data exists, it's not always obvious how to analyze it. Data sources are many and varied and the increasing volume of this data, along with its correct use and management, is often a headache for the people in charge of reports. Makemyreport.com is a web-based multi-user and multi-profile reporting software enabling all your data from various sources to be brought together easily on one single platform.
  • Attractive Price- It has a competitive pricing structure with subscription packages based on the number of users and the storage volume required. So you only pay for what you need! If you still need convincing, Makemyreport.com is also available for free, for an unlimited timeperiod.

Sample reports

Let it be gathering MIS data from friends, networks or associates. Or it can be about preparing a member profile for any association Or Answering Parliament Sessions, Standing Committees, Replies needed from multiple bodies. As by your needs, you will be able to compile reports.

  • Retailer /Wholesaler/Company Owner/Service Company
  • Can use this for feedback gathering from their customers on their sales & service?
  • Can take a feedback of potential customer contact before launching a scheme?
  • Can check the feedback of the customer after the scheme.